April 22, 2021
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Separate identity
Uighurs may engage China differently Uighurs are waging a war of different kind to which many Chinese politicians and strategists are unknown but Beijing’s strategy to apply a carrot and stick policy may give instant result but it might lose out in the future once the steam is over. Chinese military and security thinkers are quite unfamiliar with the problem in Xinjiang in a manner that Uighurs have already started their preparations for a long haul and dipper engagement with the Chinese state to seek a final separation from Chinese mainland.      While China adopts its tested strategy in Tibet in the fifties to deal with Xinjiang uprising, Uighurs are getting battle hardened and ready to fight through an armed struggle like the Mongols were doing in the 14th century. Already 450 Uighurs have entered China after arriving from Yemen and their association with the ISIS can now be visible through their action against Chinese forces. This could spring a surprise since these are already battle hardened in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The issue of Uighur problem got highlighted due to deportation of hundreds of suspected militants in Thailand. Recently, Thailand and Turkey faced an unprecedented situation after Thailand deported some Uighurs to China who had planned to go to Syria and Iraq to carry out jihad and were in constant touch with ISIS commanders. Although Turkey is supporting Uighurs on a nationalistic fervor but Uighurs have
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