May 21, 2019
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Deepening ties
Emerging axis among global powers Yet another trilateral grouping has emerged along with  India, US, Japan and US, Japan and Australia. The latest and third  trilateral comprising India, Japan and Australia are part of the same quadrilateral India, US, Japan and Australia, which prematurely died in the womb in 2007. The four countries had earlier conducted a joint maritime exercise  in the Bay of Bengal called the Malabar in September 2007 in which Singapore was the fifth partner. Now this year India, US and Japan trilateral will  together once again be seen in action  in the joint maritime exercise in September 2015. Ignoring Chinese sensitivities India has invited Japanese  Navy also  to join in the bilateral Malabar exercises, after initial hesitation. In 2007 the four  big powers had somersaulted as the Chinese dragon roared. However, a few years later US persuaded India to join Japan in the  trilateral dialogue forum, which has now been institutionalized as they  meet regularly. The India, Japan and US trilateral was considered as an anti-Chinese grouping  and the  officials of India, Japan and Australia denied the media assertions that another anti-China grouping  has emerged. The new trilateral met for the first time in New Delhi in June 2015 and discussed burning regional and international security issues, which included the South China Sea. All the members of defunct quadrilateral have
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