April 22, 2021
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Brides for utopia
Western women becoming target of Islamic State Perhaps Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the most powerful, ruthless, horrific and well-funded terrorist group in recent history but it is able to attract the imagination of a section of Western women who are ready to fight with them and falling prey to their recruitment drive. By building an Islamist utopia theory to attract young women in the Western world, the ISIS has created a web of recruitment cells which appear and last only for one week and take a fresh birth to avoid detection by authorities. This strategy of ISIS is somewhat working at the moment mainly due to the inability of security agencies who fail to anticipate the next move of ISIS in a digital world. The roles women take in terrorist organizations vary, but keep in mind, militant jihadi organizations are generally male dominated, and women generally only take leadership roles over other women. In ISIS, the roles women are taking on will continue to shape the battle with this new global enemy. Michael Steinbach, the head of the FBI’s Counter-terrorism Division announced in February of 2015 that ISIS is more aggressively recruiting women than any other terror group has. Similarly, FBI Director James Comey, announced in July of 2015, that ISIS is using Twitter and encryption to recruit thousands of English-language followers and send out orders. According to Comey, ISIS reaches 21,000 followers on Twitter, some that are
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