April 22, 2021
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Family connections
China’s falling conglomerates and economic squabble China’s red princelings have jumped into running vast business empires due to their right connections with right links but their entrepreneur skills have failed to pass the litmus test after they climbed certain heights. There are now hundreds of examples where families or past leaders belonging to Communist Party of China and People’s Liberation Army have mustered huge profits and large business empires without any problem. But a clash interest is fast brewing among the princelings who are getting into party squabbling in public to score their point and knock out possible or existing opponents. In fact, Chairman and President Xi Jinping has been propogating about red brotherhood to unite these prinelings to work for the advancement of Chinese state and for themselves but within a just limit in which they do not interfere in other activities. So far that approach has failed to produce tangible result. Jinping’s sister Jia Qiaoqiao is the mediator in many red family associations mainly in Guangdong region. She is the contact for Jinping and a go between the powerful Ye family of the province which belongs to Hakka tribes. For example, General Ye Xuanning of Ye clan is a good friend of Weng Zhenjie who is the Chongquing mafia Group. Both are good friends of Xi’s Yuanping the younger brother of Jinping. The Ye family is also asserting its influence within Xi’s in
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