April 22, 2021
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Emerging axis
Will India add shine to the Democratic Diamond? Amidst the race to lure nations in its camp in the fast changing geopolitical equations, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh  charted a path breaking visit to Japan, sending strong signals to China, whose leaders were obviously perturbed by the developing proximity between India and Japan. The kind of below the  belt comments that emanated from Beijing, even before the two nations could issue joint statement, describing Japan as petty burglar, was indicative of the nervousness  in the Zhongnanhai , the seat of Chinese power. Though Japan and India entered into the Global and Strategic partnership in 2006, the two nations sat down with greater sincerity and purpose for the first time to give effect to this resolve, which has the potentials of creating a new strategic equation in the Asia Pacific region. In the background of the new US policy of Rebalancing Asia or Pivot to Asia, the Chinese PM had embarked on a protocol breaking first overseas trip to India and launched a charm offensive to lure the Indians into its fold. But only a week later, the Indian Prime Minister landed in Tokyo and very demonstrably conveyed a message to the Chinese and the world powers that India would rather add shine to the Democratic Security Diamond. Maritime cooperation It was proposed by Shinzo Abe, who had said “I envisage a strategy whereby Australia, India, Japan, and the US state of Hawaii form a dia
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