February 26, 2021
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Countering hegemony
Roadmap to engage China along Indian borders It does not need a rocket scientist to understand the game that China and Pakistan are playing on the roof of the world. Its first impact is intended to be regional domination leading towards a bi-polar world. Should India stand by and watch it happen? STRATEGIC AFFAIRS, in earlier articles on the developments in the north Kashmir salient, has warned about the danger of India being sidelined even as its territory in Jammu and Kashmir, usurped by two of its neighbors, is to be used to fulfill their strategic goal. The goals of a linkup of territories with improved road, railways and oil and gas pipelines that will serve China’s interest by reducing travel time for fuel and commerce to days instead of weeks. It has suggested that the Government of India should refashion its negotiating stance and put it to China that since the large parts of the former princely State of Jammu and Kashmir are “disputed” the territory should not be treated as belonging to any one of the disputants and should be utilized for the mutual benefit of all three nations party to the “dispute”-India, China and Pakistan. China and Pakistan are already using the land to fulfill their geopolitical ambitions and the laying of the Karakoram Highway has facilitated this. To measure China’s true intentions India must make a proposal that the road in Aksai Chin, the original cause of military confrontation betwee
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