February 26, 2021
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Playground of pirates
Strategic importance of Gulf of Aden and prospects of maritime trade Incidents of maritime piracy in the Gulf of Aden have posed a significant strategic challenge for the security of global trade. Despite a reduction in rampant pirate attacks in the ‘pirate-alley’ last year, the challenge is far from over. Piracy will remain a recurrent problem till the root cause of the problem is not tackled. When piracy became rampant in 2008, flag states and international organizations added strategic value to the already important trade route which links the east with the west. Countries realize that the ongoing problem at the Gulf of Aden provides ample opportunities to display their military might, their ability to act as hegemonic powers, especially to secure vital economic interests, and consolidate their claims of being superpowers with global ambitions. Even though such heavy intervention has made a difference, the root cause of the problem, which lies in the instable conditions of coastal states on land, is not being tackled. In such light, military interventions remain futile and will only go so far, as they are not backed by law enforcement, social development and political will. The Gulf of Aden is one of the most vital maritime trade routes because it is at this location where the volume of the world’s maritime trade and piracy are at its peak. By the sheer volume of trade that passes through from here, it is literally the backbone of m
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