February 26, 2021
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First move
Bhutan and China’s diplomatic engagements Bhutan is finally awakening from its long, tranquil sleep and slowly facing the realities of geo-strategic politics and international relations. Squished in the middle of the two Asian giants- India and China, the tiny, peace-loving nation is slowly embracing democracy and diplomacy. The process can be overwhelming for a country that gives importance to Gross National Happiness over Gross Domestic Product and believes in maintaining happiness over securing strategic interests. Bhutan is unique and crucial to its neighbors. As Bhutan and China talk of building diplomatic ties, realizing the importance of geographical inevitability, Bhutan’s other inseparable neighbor, its supposed big brother; India has to tackle this hard fact. India and China are locked in a territorial cold war and Bhutan could be the next battleground. Therefore, China and Bhutan’s diplomatic plans to settle their long-standing border disputes are signal for India to adjust its strategy in the Himalayas. However, India must not test its relationship with Bhutan because of its overt paranoia about China. Undoubtedly, a Bhutan- China close-up could give China the strategic advantage. But India should embrace the reality and allow Bhutan to make a strategic decision for itself, instead of unnecessarily tampering. Overlapping claim Though China and Bhutan are neighbors, they have not yet established diplomatic ties. Bhut
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