March 1, 2021
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Trust deficit
India-China defence relations Seven years after the last Indian defence minister visited China, A K Antony landed in Beijing in the first week of July 2013 with a welcoming discordant voice from one of the retired Chinese Generals who warned India not to provoke problems at the LAC. Though the shrill voice was not stoutly rejected by the Chinese foreign or defence ministries, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman clarified with a mild denial that Major General Luo Yuan’s comments were not the official view of the government. And the senior Indian officials maintain that the General’s outspoken comments should not be taken seriously as he was a retired military officer and his strong anti India comments  should be viewed in the light of the similar strong anti China views of some of the retired  Indian Generals.   Yet, the Indian and Chinese defence ministers were not able to reach any landmark agreement to ensure peace and stability on the 4000 kms long LAC. Indian officials privately confide that in spite of such agreements, it cannot be said with certainty that such incidents of incursions will not be repeated. Border incursions This was proved true by the Chinese PLA, when its soldiers continued to make forays inside Indian controlled territories in the Chumar sector of Ladakh in July. The third meeting for Working Mechanism for consultations and Coordination on India China border Affairs (WMCC) was held on 23rd and 24th
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