March 1, 2021
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Traditional partners
Changing dimensions of India-Russia defence ties During the 21st October 14th  annual summit in Moscow, President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke of the historical bonhomie in bilateral defence cooperation and talked about the significance of  this  in the privileged strategic partnership.   India still depends a lot on Russia for critical technology support in many sensitive areas of weapons developments. The Russian diplomats and the leaders are right in pointing out that no other nation would have extended technology support to India in the field of nuclear submarines and cruise missiles. Russia has not only supplied the nuclear submarine to India but also provided critical support to India’s indigenous nuclear submarine Arihant. Though Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft and the Multi Role Transport Aircraft projects as symbol of India Russia strategic partnerships, the two leaders after the summit meeting were silent on the issue of the costs that has become a major bone of contention.   The two sides were also silent on the issue of the transfer of second Akula class nuclear Submarine from Russia, which has now become a subject of media speculation. According to top defence sources the lease agreement of second nuclear submarine is under discussion and is likely to be finalized during the November meeting of Intergovernmental commission of military and sci
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