January 21, 2019
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Failed approach
Political turmoil in Maldives and India’s engagement   The recent political logjam in Maldives, deliberately orchestrated by the present regime of President Mohamed Waheed has exposed India’s inability to manage Maldivian political crisis. Concerned over the developments, India had engaged extensively with various leaders of Maldives over last year and half. But, India’s sustained diplomatic persuasion failed to put the Maldivian house in order. Observers believe that some anti-India forces were working behind the scenes with consistent effort to prevent the Ex-President Mohamed Nasheed’s return to power, who also commented that India has lost its leverage on the current regime. Perhaps the Waheed regime has played the China card very well, which prevented India from playing an active interventionist role in the country. India, which played a crucial role in saving the regime of the then President Gayoom, by flying its forces in 1988 appeared as an ineffective watchdog of the Maldivian politics. The pro India leader has been patiently waiting for more than a year and half for the democratic process to conclude and to facilitate Nasheed’s return to power as the legitimately elected President of the island nation. Nasheed had undoubtedly proved his credentials as the most popular leader of the country as he bagged over 45 percent votes during the first round of Presidential polls held on 7th Sept, 2013. Since he did not sc
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