February 25, 2021
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Political recovery
Elections in Nepal: Way forward Though there are serious protests by Maoists on alleged irregularities in the recent election in Nepal, the centrist Nepali Congress party won the most votes in recently held general election. The Maoists-who formed the single largest party in the previous Constituent Assembly-have been relegated to third place. They have complained that the results have been systematically rigged. The vote is seen as vital in moving Nepal towards political stability after a 10-year Maoist revolt ended in 2006. According to Nepal’s Election Commission, nearly 70% of Nepal’s electorate voted on November 19th, 2013 to choose a constituent assembly that would hopefully end years of turmoil and political instability and draft a new constitution. Therefore, the turnout, despite a call for boycott by Communist Party of Nepal (CPN)-Maoist led alliance, was higher than that of the last polls held in 2008, but was hit by violence and vandalism that injured a few people. However, people voted amidst tight security and international observation across 18,438 polling centers in the tiny landlocked country, hoping that despite many false starts with democracy, this election would set them on the road to political recovery.  Nepal is an amalgamation of 125 ethnic groups with many spoken languages and a vibrant spread of castes and other such social groups. More than 120 political parties registered to compete in the elections
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