February 25, 2021
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Bright opportunity
Myanmar’s chairmanship in ASEAN 2014 At a time when Myanmar is experiencing an unprecedented transformation, the ASEAN countries have agreed to let it take on the leadership of the bloc as its Chairman for the year 2014. After decades of military rule, isolation and existence, Myanmar’s leadership has initiated a series of political, economic and administrative reforms that have elicited positive responses both regionally and globally, helping the country swiftly integrate into the regional and global communities. While the chairmanship will provide legitimacy to the Myanmar regime, it will be a good opportunity for Myanmar to build its socio-economic progress and democratic transition. As the country opens, develops and assumes the role of a leader of ASEAN- the regional bloc of much political, economic and strategic value, Myanmar has much to be hopeful for as major development opportunities unfold in the light of its ASEAN chairmanship. In addition, with its strategic geographical location between India and China and at the beginning point of the South-East Asian region with a vast reserve of natural resources, tourist destinations and young population, Myanmar could become Asia’s next economic frontier. Boosting image President Thein Sein’s office has allocated a budget of US $ 33.4 billion to host the ASEAN summit, according to a senior official from Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Not only will its position as
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