February 25, 2021
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Tough rivalry
China-Japan’s growing interests in Africa Much has been said lately about the China-Japan rivalry spreading to the continent of Africa. Perhaps, this is logically so. Japan’s growing interest in Africa as a lucrative market for economic ties and energy security, at a time when China’s ever-increasing economic and political clout is engulfing Africa; is proving to be an extension of already existing competitive rivalry between both the nations. An adding to this tension is their war of words over each others intentions in Africa. The ongoing rivalry between the two Asian giants over potentially resource rich Senkaku islands in the East China Sea and Japan’s unresolved wartime past has maintained a continued face-off between the two. Subsequently, they have both used ways like regional diplomacy through political and economic persuasion; media sponsored propaganda, use of geopolitical strategies like the ADIZ and sustained presence in the East China Sea to maintain pressure over each other. However, their engagements in Africa go beyond that. Their proxy psychological war will continue to try and contain each others interests in Africa. But, as Africa is fast becoming an economic frontier, the rivaling Asian giants will increasingly depend on the continent for their economic gains. Africa is fast proving to be a lucrative market for Chinese goods, which is accelerating trade between the two countries. Resource rich Africa is also provin
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