March 1, 2021
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Talk trap
Pakistan’s game plan for Siachen Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit’s recent comments in Mumbai on the possibility of a resolution of the Siachen issue once talks resume makes one wonder why he is so optimistic about any outcome over the issue given Pakistan’s hard line about accepting the Actual Ground Position Line. The point  at issue is why should the Indian Army withdraw from its own territory which is an integral part of Jammu and Kashmir even as Pakistan and China are in occupation of large segments and both are conniving to create road, rail and  pipeline connectivity over what they say is disputed territory? Worse, why should Indian troops withdraw from any part of Jammu and Kashmir even while there are between 4000 and 9000 Chinese People’s Liberation Army troops disguised as engineers and technicians in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Controlling territories A solution based on a recognition of where exactly the troops of each side are Positioned makes no sense because one or the other side can return as clandestinely as was attempted in 1984. Given the manner ceasefire violations are taking place along the Line of Control how can India trust Pakistan not to violate a stretch of territory that is unguarded? More particularly when it has so zealously coveted that strip of territory over the past three decades and pushed its troops to try and dislodge Indian soldiers from the crestline of the Soltoro range ov
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