March 1, 2021
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Securing interest
Indo-Iran trade ties and its impact Now that the P5+1 countries have struck an interim nuclear deal with Iran which has limitedly eased off sanctions against it, India feels relieved from the frustrated pressure of Western sanctions that had disabled India and Iran to enhance their indispensable bilateral relations. In addition to Iran-US relations being at their worst for the past 35 years and Iran’s ongoing influence in Iraq during US’s occupation of Iraq, the West had slapped heavy sanctions on Iran following its refusal to stop its uranium enrichment facilities since 2002. As a result of the western sanctions on Iran, India was forced to cut imports of crude oil from Iran. Now, the ongoing shift in US-Iranian relations is finally allowing New Delhi to capitalize on this opportunity, slowly, but steadily.  The interim US- Iran accord that was concluded at Geneva in November last year increased optimism that Tehran was on its way to international rehabilitation. They have already begun talks to enhance ties in trade and the energy sector. Indeed, blooming bilateral ties between India and Iran can be a highly strategic game-changer not only for the region, but also for the broader strategic calculations with respect to USA, Pakistan and Afghanistan’s future. Common links India and Iran have shared historic ties for centuries, which make them natural friends. It started with the migration of Parsis to the India, following the Isl
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