February 26, 2021
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Political thrust
Myanmar-China relations and dam project The relations between Myanmar and China that flourished during the days of Military Junta regime in Myanmar have become strained with the suspension of Myitsone dam. The civilian president Thein Sein,  who took power in 2009, has suspended the work of the dam mainly due to environmental concerns stating that cancellation has been ordered as per “will of the people” clearly implying that his government takes environmental concerns more seriously than the previous ruling ‘military Junta’. Irked by the decision of civilian president, China is making political inroads in the newly emerged political forces in Burma. China is now developing good relations with the Chairman Shwe Mann of the Union solidarity and Development Party who is also the speaker of the lower house, the Senior general Min Aung Hlaing who commands the military, and the democratic opposition led by Aung San Suu Kyi. Moreover Chinese political Pundits perceive Shwe Mann as the most likely winner of the presidency in the 2015 elections. Beijing thus appears eager to cultivate close relations with him. However at official level China is threatening Myanmar to “ protect the legal and legitimate rights of the Chinese companies” following the suspension of Myitsone Dam project. The concerns Since its inception, Mega Myitsone Dam Project has been surrounded by hosts of environmental concerns, human rights a
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