February 25, 2021
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Bringing stability
The new Indian government and new strategic calculus With the change of Indian leadership after a decade, the international community is closely observing the strategic orientation of the new government. Congratulatory messages are flowing to the new Prime Minister from all corners of the world, seeking stronger economic and strategic ties but the strategic calculus of the world will depend much on the new Indian government’s acumen in delicate handling of its policy towards declining super power US or Russia which is trying to reassert its cold war predominance or towards a rising China which wants to extend its suzerainty in its surrounding areas. Concerns have been expressed in strategic circles over the possible reopening of India’s no-first use nuclear doctrine and its implications over the regional nuclear security. With India emerging as an economic heavy weight and a leading consumer of luxury goods, the developed world wants to find a foothold in Indian market and has been wooing India with its financial muscle and offering its strategic weight behind India. The Manmohan Government though tried to maintain a balance and remained non committal on its stand on bilateral disputes between various powers; the new Indian government cannot afford to stay neutral for long on most of the issues like the Sino-Japanese disputes, the Rebalancing Asia policy of the US or the Russia-Europe confrontation. Since the days of the nonalignment are over
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