April 18, 2021
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Emerging conflicts
The Shangri-La dialogue and role for India One can excuse India for not sending its official representative to the famous Shangri-La Dialogue, held annually in the last week of May in Singapore, as the new Indian government had just taken birth and it would have required time for the new foreign policy managers to frame a stand on any issue likely to emerge during the Conference. This is the most watched security gathering where world leaders issue quotable quotes on burning issues of the time. But the UPA government had left a legacy of ignoring the annual Shangri-La congregation of world’s strategists and security policy makers in recent years. If the previous AK Antony led Ministry of Defence did not rise to the challenge of meeting face to face with all the leading security interlocutors of the world on one single forum, one can certainly fault the National Security Advisor of the day for remaining oblivious of a very important strategic gathering not very far from the remote Indian maritime territory of Andaman and Nicobar.   The Shangri-La Dialogue perhaps for the first time converted into an open duel between US and China but India remained a mute spectator from far off New Delhi, where the foreign policy honchos were too busy taking calls from the world leaders, from Obama to Li Ke  Qiang. India’s stand However if we go by the previous quotes of the Manmohan Singh led Indian foreign policy establishment on the need to
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