February 25, 2021
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Setting a trap
Chinese overtures to India A resurgent India is finding itself in an extremely enviable position as big powers from China to Japan to US are trying to court India and making advances unprecedented in India’s international relations. With Narendra Modi taking over as the Prime Minister in May 2014, India’s magnetic strength has increased a lot. India under Narendra Modi presents a picture of hope in economic sphere and the strategic balance will be heavily tilted in any country’s favor with whom militarily strong India casts its lot. Hence one can understand the Chinese overtures to India. Last year its Prime Minister Li Keqiang made it a point to make his first international stop to India and this year without any reciprocal Head of State level visit, the Chinese President Xi Jinping would be visiting India in mid September. The Chinese have gone out of way to celebrate the 60th year of Panchsheel and wanted Indian President to adore the occasion in the Great Hall of the People at the Tiananmen Square. But Chinese remained satisfied with the presence of Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari who was hosted by the President Xi Jinping himself. When President Xi met Modi in Fortaleza in Brazil for the BRICS summit, the scheduled 40 minutes meeting was extended to 80 minutes in which both the leaders discussed host of issues. During this meeting Prime Minister Modi raised the necessity of early resolution of the border issue to which Xi responded b
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