March 1, 2021
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Mapping future
Is United States of Europe a solution? German politician Martin Schulz who is now President of European Parliament and is visualizing a united Europe which can stand on its own without external support, is pushing for reforms in politics and security cooperation. Some feel that this move may result in united Europe that can take on challenges more quickly and intervene timely than depending on external support but Schulz’s ideas are not liked by some who think it is a waste of time.     Schulz is a hardworking politician who wants to see a change in his life time to happen that is a united Europe which can form a big nation to counter rising powers like India and China.    The saddest moment of Martin Schulz’s life came at the age of 24. He was an unemployed drunk with no girlfriend and no high school degree. He contemplated suicide. Now he is Europe’s number one socialist and president of the European Commission in Brussels. Schulz is leading Europe’s center-left parties into parliamentary elections and his agenda is bold: Curb the power of banks, institute higher taxes on the rich and create a more centralized government system for Europe with a common fiscal policy. But even if he does not win outright, he may be about to change the balance of power between the European institutions for good and help create something like a United States of Europe. Greater role But Schulz’ core demand
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