February 26, 2021
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Recasting ties
Myanmar’s aim to balance between China and India Since Myanmar is realizing that an increased dependence on China may harm its long term interests in future, there is a growing bonhomie between India and Myanmar to fill the gap which some experts view as an attempt of Yangon to recast the ties with Beijing. Myanmar is forging closer relations with neighbor India in a radical departure from its recent foreign policy. The move comes as the impoverished Southeast Asian nation attempts to distance itself from its heavy dependence on China. Recently, in their recent meeting, the leaders of Myanmar and India discussed the construction of roads linking the two countries. Myanmar’s diplomatic shift away from Beijing towards New Delhi could change the region’s geopolitical balance. It comes at a time when many nations grapple with the challenge of dealing with an increasingly powerful and outwardly assertive China. Both China and Myanmar have historically an uneasy relationship till 1988, although on the surface it was painted quite colorful and strong. The relationship was trailblazing in other respects. In the 1950s and 1960s, China considered its relationship with Myanmar as a model for the development of relations with other Asian and African countries and an example of ‘peaceful coexistence’ between socialist and non-socialist states. In 1954, for example, Myanmar and China affirmed that the Five Principles of Peaceful
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