March 1, 2021
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Unfolding rivalry
Strategic significance of Indian Ocean region “The Indian Ocean area will be the true nexus of world powers and conflict in the coming years. It is here that the fight for democracy, energy independence and religious freedom will be lost or won.” Robert D. Kaplan World is moving towards the geo-energy era which would completely change the world power scenario and would reconfigure its inter-state relations. The energy security and resource potential would be the key to rejuvenate mutual relations and create conflict in the times to come. The geostrategic location of the Indian Ocean in South Asia between India, China and Pakistan, the three nuclear powered countries of South Asia has pictured clearly its arena in the contemporary geopolitics today. It has immensely charged its political, strategic and economic activities in the world because of which the regional powers are placing great reliance on the deployment of fleet missile submarines for maintaining balance of power in order to deter hegemony of any power whether territorial or extra-territorial. It is quite imperative to say that, whosoever controls the Indian Ocean would govern the future center of economy in the world as it has one of the most important ocean trade route lying from the Red sea, Persian Gulf region via Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca to China, Korea, and Japan and Australia mainly. It acts as the bottleneck of South Asian economy as important a
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