March 1, 2021
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Common goal
China-India relations A week after castigating India for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh in late February, China talked of preparing hard for the success of his visit to Beijing and other Chinese city in mid May this year . China thus speaks in two languages while talking  of  relations with India and try to cajole it to join Chinese schemes and projects like the One Belt One Road and  the Maritime Silk Road etc  while simultaneously asking India to leave the resolution of the contentious issues to  the next generation. China had earlier raised eyebrows after India announced the tango of its newly revised ‘Act East’ policy with the US Rebalancing Asia policy. But the Chinese envoy in New Delhi Le Yucheng has spoken of the possibility of Elephant-Dragon tango and talks of development as a common strategic goal for both India and China. The Narendra Modi led NDA government  has also  continued with the  two pronged approach on India’s relations with China. Signals emanating from China are the same  towards India.   Bonhomie in the Capitals while militarily challenging each other at the very long  undefined borders. The leaders of two countries display lot of love and affection  in their capitals but show confrontationist attitude not only on the borders  but also on the strategic front. Both view each other with suspicion. Both contest each
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