February 26, 2021
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Yellow peril
Russia-China suspicion growing over Far East border problem Russian nationalists often comment that the Chinese are expanding into Russian territory of Far East not with tanks or troops but with suitcases. The Russian Far East territory, long disputed between the two powers, could cast a gloom about any bonhomie between Russia and China.      Since Russia is not having a credible plan to control its own territory, the Chinese are ready with their money bags to insert their influence. However, increased Chinese migration is marking a return of Chinese influence to these territories. And any territorial dispute could disrupt relations between Asia’s largest continental powers. The Chinese migration into Far East is fast becoming a problem. It is impossible to know the exact level of Chinese migration into the Russian Far East because Russia has not run a census in over a decade. But by all indications, a significant river of people is surging across the border. The Moscow Carnegie Center, the only organization to launch an independent study, claimed that there were about 250,000 Chinese in Russia in 1997. The Russian Interior Ministry has claimed that there are 2 million. Other estimates place the Chinese population at 5 million. The Russian Far East also holds resources that are valuable to an ever-growing China. The region is rich in natural resources such as oil, gas and timber. It is easier to send these goods to Asia
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