February 25, 2021
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Muddy water
South China Sea dispute and its implications China’s islands reclamation initiative in South China Sea could spark a war like situation and it might draw silent powers in the region to get involved by rendering ASEAN as useless and a mute spectator.    ASEAN’s long slogan of resolving South China Sea dispute in ASEAN way has no taker today and the group is just a talking shop in which all members are split into the laps of regional or global powers through which they benefit for their so-called national interests. All ASEAN members in some way or the other fear China and they are reluctant to talk anything that might anger Beijing but China does what it wants to without giving an iota of any regard to ASEAN as a regional body.    This might prompt a new cold war, in which a rising China gradually will seek to push the US military out of the Western Pacific, which seems to be inevitable. Any such conflict would of course be dangerous whenever it happens, because the United States is likely to resist these efforts strenuously. But what’s surprising and worrisome is how the timeline for this conflict, or at least its beginning stage, has seemed to accelerate over roughly the past two years. Suddenly and aggressively, China has begun advancing its military interests throughout the region, catching its neighbors and the United States off guard. Flash point The territorial dispute in the South China Sea is b
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