February 25, 2021
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Growing differences
India-Pakistan relation and challenges Two nuclear neighbors in South Asia continue to draw world’s attention for their constant badmouthing towards each other. After the famous Ufa agreement in Russia on 10th July this year the Pakistani side backtracked on their promises to initiate talks on agreed parameters. India claimed victory on Ufa statement and Pakistan retaliated by upping the ante on the K word and India insisted, the National Security Advisor level talks must be held on the issue of terror first, as agreed in Ufa. The aftermath of the cancelled talks, scheduled to be held on 25th August, between India and Pakistan at the National Security Advisors level has led to more bitterness among the leaders and people of the two countries. There has been verbal duel between the leaders of the two nations. From army Generals to Government leaders and ruling party,  both sides never lose an opportunity to strike verbal blows and threatening total devastation. Pakistani leaders use the N word on every occasion to warn India to offset their inferiority in traditional weapons against India and India never fails to remind the Pakistanis that they are engaged in terror and possess Dawood Ibrahim the most wanted criminal and terrorist fugitive from India, who has not only be given shelter in Karachi, but also has been allowed to have most flourishing business in real estate. War of words That Dawood is in Pakistan is an open secret, but Pakistan cont
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