February 25, 2021
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Clear stand
India’s cooperation in Pacific with regional powers As the churning in  South China Sea  gradually develops into a face to face rivalry between the big powers, India will soon have to take a call on the pressures being applied to come out openly whether they want to align with the big powers. That China has aggravated the tension in the region with unilateral militarization through new artificial air bases and missile squadrons is undeniable and well known along with India’s stand that the  dispute be resolved in accordance with International Law of the Sea and the 2002 Code of Conduct reached between ASEAN and China. Considering its state of sweet and sour  relations with China and  the need for maintaining peace and tranquility on the over 4,000 kms long undemarcated border, India would not succumb to the US pressures to join over the triangular or quadrilateral alliance proposal  against  China. The response from the Indian side has been till now very cool, dismissing any such possibility of joining the alliances. Reacting to the proposal the Chinese foreign ministry objected, “Relevant countries should not provoke confrontation and create tension in the region.” The US side has perhaps been making unilateral overtures, which looks as if they are speaking  on behalf of India. The first US announcement was rejected by the Indian defence  minister regarding the Malabar naval exercise ne
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