February 25, 2021
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Digital war
Advanced weapons and smart techniques used by ISIS Though some reports from western countries are trying to portray that ISIS is losing its foothold but the reality draws a completely different picture. ISIS has grown tremendously since its beginnings as a spinoff group from al-Qaida, generating revenue from each territory it has conquered. It has recently been called the world’s richest terrorist group, with an estimated $2 billion on hand. Further the group is now expanding its presence outside Middle East and is in process to utilize the social platform to propagate its agenda. Since claiming responsibility for the Paris attacks in November, ISIS has increased its violent acts in Europe and the Middle East. The emergence of ISIS and its claims to have established a caliphate have an impact on South-east Asia and other regions. The threat will continue over the next decade. The claim of the ISIS-proclaimed caliphate to oversight over Muslims around the world has strong emotional appeal and resonates with many Muslims, even in South-east Asia. Though US and its allies are taking credit of destroying the ISIS, the reality is that the terrorist  group is increasing its source of funding and utilizing all resources to develop modern weapons and spreading their messages through all media platforms. Through the exploitation of known smuggling routes on Turkey’s border, it has used the black market to sell oil, natural resources and looted g
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