February 26, 2021
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Smart move
China-Pakistan joint border patrol The joint Sino-Pak military patrol in north Jammu and Kashmir is essentially a method of formalizing an annexation of the Gilgit-Baltistan segment of Jammu and Kashmir into a joint ownership arrangement. It has to be read with the rigging of the elections in that portion of the former princely State and the pre-positioning of several thousand Chinese personnel of the People’s Liberation Army in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir for laying the foundations of the road-rail-pipeline Economic Corridor from Xinjiang to Gwadar in strife-torn Balochistan. China does not really need Pakistani troops to patrol the external border of its own Xinjiang province. It has enough military manpower to deal with the Uighur Muslim uprising instigated by Chinese Han colonization of the province even after the proclaimed reduction of about 3,00,000 troops of the People’s Liberation Army. Pakistan has not been able to protect Chinese engineers involved in setting up dams and other infrastructure within Pakistan. Several Chinese have been kidnapped and killed over the years by jihadi Pakistani elements much to China’s consternation and ire. Pakistan has tried to placate the Chinese by feeding a regular supply of low-level Uighur jihadis who have either trained with the Pakistani terrorist groups or been baptized in Islamic hyper-fundamentalism by stints in ISIS and Al Qaeda-held territories in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria and were looking
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