March 1, 2021
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New avenues
ISIS is expanding footprints beyond Middle East Though ISIS is rapidly losing the grounds in Syria and Iraq, but it is not at all losing the war. Interestingly, the weakening of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is something that increases the risk of a major terrorist attack in other parts of the world. It is well-known that when a terrorist group is defeated on its own turf, it retaliates by carrying out a series of deadly attacks abroad. The potential gravity of the ISIS group’s threat has only just begun to dawn. The group’s latest atrocity was a recent on a Sufi shrine in Balochistan that killed at least 50 people and wounded 100 others. According to police, Afghan officials and ISIS media outlets, the majority of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan are Pakistani nationals, mostly from the tribal regions. Disgruntled Taliban fighters from Pakistan and Afghanistan have joined along with foreign fighters, mainly from central Asia. This incident and the recent spate of terrorist attacks across the world-unleashed by ISIS-inspired or affiliated individuals and groups-indicate that the group has made inroads into many other territories and the Western powers have failed to assess the threat this group poses as a global terrorist outfit. ISIS is operating both on the ground and in cyberspaces. In cyberspaces, it is influencing the minds of Muslim youth with violent Islamist ideology while exploiting their socio-cultural and psychological confusion
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