February 26, 2021
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Sliding posture
Japan-China relation is stagnant yet military buildup continues Japan and China have series of disputes at political level, military sphere and economic challenges but Japan is catching up with its massive investment into steady military buildup and technological superiority against a formidable China. China’s belligerence against Japan is not new, it has a sense of leftover of history as Japan had humiliated China for decades and ruled China during the Second World War period. The Senkaku islands dispute between the two Asian giant is slowly taking shape of a massive military crisis like situation in future if China plays its brinkmanship card too closely.        Sino-Japanese relations have been deteriorating since 2010. What started as adust-up over a Chinese fisherman arrested for fishing in Japanese waters has escalated into a series of unpleasant incidents between the two countries, mostly in and around the uninhabited, and largely unappealing Senkaku Islands. For now, incidents have largely been restricted to demonstrations by the coast guards of both sides and military aircraft encounters. Yet with each year, relations between China and Japan have steadily deteriorated. Unchecked, someday what may seem like routine unpleasantness could spiral into military action. Listed below are five Japanese weapons of war that Beijing should think carefully about if the unthinkable ever occurred. Advanced weapons Japan&rs
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