March 1, 2021
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Assertive approach
The growing tension in Korean Peninsula Tensions have continued to rise around the Korean peninsula since Pyongyang carried out its sixth nuclear test, prompting a new round of UN sanctions. North Korea's tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles and an alleged hydrogen bomb have escalated tensions over the nuclear nation's military ambitions. North Korea has launched dozens of missiles this year, several of them flying over Japan, as it accelerates a weapons programme aimed at enabling it to target the United States with a nuclear-tipped missile. North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) earlier reported on a new miniaturized thermonuclear device developed by country’s Nuclear Weapons Institute. The shape of the instrument indicates the typical tandem design of a thermonuclear weapon, placed adjacent to an aerodynamic object likely to be the nose cone of Hwasong-14 ICBM, showing the new H-Bomb is sized to fit the country’s intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). Thermonuclear weapon KCNA statement added the device is designed for adjustable yield, from tens kiloton to hundreds kiloton. By adjusting its yield this ‘multi purpose’ nuclear device can be used against specific targets or set to explode high in the atmosphere, causing an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that devastates electronic circuits and electrical power grids over a large area. Previous tests of North Korean thermonuclear devices developed yields up
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