February 25, 2021
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Groping in dark
Boston bombing: A foreign or domestic attack? The attack at Boston marathon that caught everyone’s attention on April 15 has raised many unanswered questions. The main questions of who could be behind the attack and why have ended up giving unsatisfying answers and created several conspiracy theories. What has been made public about the attack, is the fact that explosion was caused by pressure cookers. Similar kind of bombs were used in 2010 New York Square bombing attempt, which first brought allegations to those two attacks being related with each other. The fact that pressure cooker bombs have been used in many terrorist attacks in South Asia and have also been favoured by Al Qaeda affiliated groups created discussions whether the attackers could be part of a bigger organized terrorist group. However, as pressure cooker bombs are generally quite common homemade bombs and of relatively cheap cost, there is absolutely no basis to give ground for such allegations. Even more so in view of the fact that no terrorist group has claimed responsibility - or taken credit - for this attack. The fact that the explosive ingredients discovered have been of low quality supports the allegation of the attackers acting without major support-or at least not having (used) access to more sophisticated and expensive weaponry. Chechen background Until now two brothers have been blamed for the attack: Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Much of the news follow
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