April 18, 2021
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New gimmick
Whether the visit of the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang will result in a new chapter or simply add a new page in Sino Indian relations only time will tell, but it can be said without doubt that his visit has sown the seeds of a new chapter which will flower only if India plays its cards well. Though Li’s visit could also be termed as an exercise in Public Relations, India needs to cash in on the goodwill Li has tried to create between the two countries. The Depsang incursion in the western Ladakh and the three week military standoff from 15th April to 5th May, 2013 has in a way proved good for India as the issue helped India raise the issue of unresolved border dispute at a very high pitch and the issue hovered over the summit meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Prime Minister Li Keqiang and dominated the media discourse before and during the visit of the Chinese leader from 19th to 22nd May, 2013. The Depsang issue helped India inject a sense of realism in ties and the Chinese Premier was defenceless and could not publicly offer an explanation. Border issue resolution The rising profile of India as an economic and military power and as a prominent player in world politics gave enough courage to Singh to talk to Li in a very frank and candid manner and successfully drove home the point to the Chinese leader that without forward movement on the issue of border resolution, no headway could be made in the strategic relationship between the
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