April 24, 2018
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Grim hope
MAR-APRIL 2015: After about 28 years of misbegotten abstention in acquisition of new artillery guns for the Indian Army there is a glimmer of hope that an indigenous Bofors gun could emerge from a dusty drawer in the Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.
Long journey
JAN-FEB 2015: Indian aerospace industry is yet tightly compartmentalized in the commercial/scientific extremely heartwarming exertions of the Indian
Adding punch
JAN FEB 2015: The Indian armored regiments modernization is not as pathetic as the Indian artillery regiments, which has not seen the induction of single Howitzer gun since 1988. However, the modernization program of the armored regiments cannot be said to be satisfactory.
Reviving relations
JAN-FEB 2015: India and Russia are once again set to further deepen their defence nuclear technology cooperation. The issue of acquiring second Akula class nuclear submarine on lease from Russia was extensively discussed during the visit of Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu in the third week of January this year.
Loitering munition
DECEMBER 2014: For India it took decades of trial and error and competence building on manned target training aircraft to transit to pilotless target trainers to unmanned aerial vehicles. And now India is preparing to deploy indigenous unmanned combat vehicles that will largely close the gap that exists between the country and the leaders in the technology.
Kinetic kill
NOVEMBER 2014: There was a time around the turn of the decade that a scare was created by reports that China has achieved the capability of sinking an aircraft carrier with a hypersonic cruise missile at a distance of nearly 2000 km. The Chinese preferred to call it the
Rapid reaction
NOVEMBER 2014: The regional arms race has brought potent warfare capabilities to many countries that are now eager to either indigenously manufacture or import hi tech and advance military weapons for securing their national interest.
Roving wheels
OCTOBER 2014: The modern battlefield is all about taking risk at a crucial time as the war zone is saturated with mines and high intensity explosives that can spring surprises for armored columns in the midst of a high value operation to secure foot on the ground.
Lethal attack
OCTOBER 2014: India became enamored of the precision guided munitions during the Kargil war when the conventional air-delivered warheads in its arsenal were unable to hit Pakistani targets ensconced among the craggy hills of the Pir Panjal range in Jammu and Kashmir.
Going digital
SEPTEMBER 2014: As Indian troops are deployed in forward bases along borders with China and Pakistan, a robust military communication is critical component for ensuring fast and secure data transmission back to their respective commands.