March 23, 2017
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Digital superhighway
JULY 2013: As the battlefield is getting saturated with new weapons and platforms, timely accessing fast data holds key to success of any military operation that largely depends on digital intervention to score early on the rivals in a war zone that is unforgiving.

Network Centric Warfare has proven its mettle and become battlefield necessity on numerous occasions. Without electronic signals, no commander can decide what he wants to do next

Modern war zone is fast becoming a hub of digital war fighting ground through various Network Centric Operation platforms than mobilization of thousands of ground troops to invade into enemy territory.
Combat without soldiers
JUNE 2013: Military investment into developing new generation UAV and UCAV is going to be next target of most leading armed forces as the path to dominate the battlefield will depend how quickly one can control the enemy activities across the defending lines. For example, the recent incursion made by the Chinese PLA troops into India territory in eastern Ladakh immediately prompted the Indian Army to use UAV for reconnaissance and fix the exact nature of incursion that would otherwise have taken a month by human efforts

The role of UAV and UCAV will increase phenomenally in coming years as military planners are depending on these drones to provide them time