May 23, 2018
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Stout punch
JANUARY 2014: Since the sea warfare is changing at a rapid pace with the introduction of best of technology into the sea borne underwater operations, most navies are finding it difficult to detect undersea activities of stealth submarines which can defy sometimes most modern technical capability of a well equipped force.

More than 35 countries are currently operating a series of modern submarines, both conventional and nuclear capable, which can operate so silently that one cannot even think about their presence in such deep waters close to coastal waters.

Submarines are equipped to defy heavy under sea current and magnetic response of seabed at times of critical moment but this appears to be a cat and mouse game where movement signature’s of a ship can be a dangerous signal for the enemy to strike.
Particle soldiers
DECEMBER 2013: With the increase in advanced research and rapid use of nanotechnology for military purposes, the fundamental meaning of warfare is changing due to high level of success in developing lethal weapons and platforms which can withstand massive ordnance burst and cause high intensity damage.

Nanotechnology is giving the military application a new meaning which will give the user a range of options to destroy targets from thousands of miles away and use secret weapons which can be invisible to naked human eyes or even high speed sensors.

The world is becoming robotic and there is a keen interest that the weapons should be invisible. That can only happen if there is widespread research in nanotechnology for military purposes.
Wheels of thrust
NOVEMBER 2013: Infantry Combat Vehicles are fast dominating the battlefield as ground troops will have to take physical control of the enemy territory to announce complete victory in a modern war which tends to be more complex today than it was in the last century.  

Without a credible ICV loaded with explosive reactive armor, it will be extremely dangerous to fall into the trap of enemy high intensity anti-tank weapons which can pierce the armor and hazardous mine fields and IEDs which kill more troops than in any direct assault or aerial bombardment.

To overcome such a new trend, India is preparing itself against all odds. India now plans to overhaul and upgrade its entire fleet of over 2,000 infantry combat vehicles with advanced weaponry and night-fighting capabilities as Indian Army badly needs to augment its capacity building.
Risks of radiation
OCTOBER 2013: Nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) weapons and related technologies have created enormous problems that it has now assumed a dangerous proposition and failing to take timely steps at a global level may result in catastrophic like situation of unprecedented scale.   

The current situation of NBC proliferation activities presents a gloomy forecast that NBC weapons could fall into the wrong hands due to large scale proliferation and secret programs run by rouge states and undesired elements.   

Indeed, such weapons present a great danger as they are capable of causing damage on an immense scale and possibly killing hundreds of millions of people while destroying the basis of civilized life over wide areas.
Mitigating risks
SEPTEMBER 2013: Going by 21st century military technology trend, a smart Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) is designed and developed for some application specific missions to operate predominantly in hazardous environments. A UGV architecture that would provide an effective and economic path to modernization for technology insertion over time should be key factor of military modernization program.

The urgent need to transform the Indian Army, from one characterized by heavy armor and firepower into a lighter, more responsive force that is at once both lethal and survivable, has made development of practical UGV systems a necessity for the future.

The role of UGV in modern warfare is growing due to technology insertions which could be primarily aimed
Locking range
AUGUST 2013: Air-to-air missiles are part of modern battlefield which could help the pilots to lock on early and decimate enemy aerial control of the skies. It gives the opportunity to go for full dominance of skies in view of lethality, accuracy and speed as one fire can ground an expensive enemy asset much before the war begins. Thus, air warfare is seeing lot of change where engagements with the enemy take place from a beyond visual range.

As the fighter planes are trying to be hidden from the enemy screens, the modern air-to-air missile denies this opportunity from a beyond visual range as it is able to hit all enemy moving assets with pin point accuracy despite being invisible.

While trailing enemy fighter plane signatures in the open sky makes it more difficult, it is the speed
Digital superhighway
JULY 2013: As the battlefield is getting saturated with new weapons and platforms, timely accessing fast data holds key to success of any military operation that largely depends on digital intervention to score early on the rivals in a war zone that is unforgiving.

Network Centric Warfare has proven its mettle and become battlefield necessity on numerous occasions. Without electronic signals, no commander can decide what he wants to do next

Modern war zone is fast becoming a hub of digital war fighting ground through various Network Centric Operation platforms than mobilization of thousands of ground troops to invade into enemy territory.
Combat without soldiers
JUNE 2013: Military investment into developing new generation UAV and UCAV is going to be next target of most leading armed forces as the path to dominate the battlefield will depend how quickly one can control the enemy activities across the defending lines. For example, the recent incursion made by the Chinese PLA troops into India territory in eastern Ladakh immediately prompted the Indian Army to use UAV for reconnaissance and fix the exact nature of incursion that would otherwise have taken a month by human efforts

The role of UAV and UCAV will increase phenomenally in coming years as military planners are depending on these drones to provide them time