September 25, 2017
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High precision
JULY-AUGUST 2017: That China should complain to the UN about India testing missiles that bring the Chinese mainland within reach is
Deepening ties
JULY-AUGUST 2017: Under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with its vibrant foreign policy, India has been actively trying to
Bridging the gap
JULY-AUGUST 2017: That it is more than 18 months that Mr Manohar Parrikar steered the acquisition package for Special Forces
Indirect assault
MAY-JUNE 2017: With the induction of new artillery guns, the Indian military will now be able to plan, execute and win a limited modern
Enhanced range
MAY-JUNE 2017: For long there have been persistent reports that the Indian Army’s tank fleet is night blind or that aircraft are deficient in night-fighting capabilities
Integrated approach
MAY-JUNE 2017: There is a dichotomy brewing in the debate over a transition to Integrated Theatre Commands from the current methodology
Countering hurdles
MAY-JUNE 2017: Caught in the shoal of stagnation-cum-depletion over decades the Indian Navy fleet of submarines it appeared had entered
Enhancing reach
MARCH-APRIL 2017: A plan to double the fleet strength of the Indian Navy over a ten-year period beginning 2013 has been in the implementation
Creating superhighways
MARCH-APRIL 2017: Creating a information superhighway in the midst of the battlefield is really a challenging task but with the advent of new technologies
Non-contact war
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017: As the modern battlefield becomes unmanned and electro-optic driven, the dependence on artificial