November 23, 2017
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Creating superhighways
MARCH-APRIL 2017: Creating a information superhighway in the midst of the battlefield is really a challenging task but with the advent of new technologies
Non-contact war
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017: As the modern battlefield becomes unmanned and electro-optic driven, the dependence on artificial
Lurking eyes
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017: With the introduction of space based modern technological platforms, militaries are looking
Enemy trekking
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017: Since there is a growing dependence on satellites for maintaining daily life and to conduct a modern war
Kinetic punch
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017: As the modern warfare is getting hi-tech, there is a growing crave for investment into military capacity building
Hiding game
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016: The anti submarine warfare operations are gaining a strong foothold as nations are facing acute threat from
Protective shield
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016: India has been working on setting up an anti-missile defence (ABM) shield against nuclear-tipped missiles for several decades.
Undersea destruction
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016: Anti-submarine warfare is a multi-dimensional asset deployment in the water, on the surface and in the air to look
Fighting in dark
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016: In military parlance, it will be an operational grandeur if one can see the enemy movement in the night without being detected
Ferrying signals
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016: Satellites are playing an increasingly important role in determining the outcome of the modern day warfare that is