November 23, 2017
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Assault at depth
MARCH-APRIL 2016: Russian military scientists are on the verge of making a new type of undersea weapon, looking like a submarine
Floating access
MARCH-APRIL 2016: Maritime security is a two-ply concept. One is that on the surface of the sea and its atmospheric dimension, the other
Exploring foothold
MARCH-APRIL 2016: Though buffeted by a dwindling fund allocation and a declining political and public support, National Aeronautics
Wings of simulation
MARCH-APRIL 2016: With the introduction of 3D technology, military aircraft training for pilots and air force jet trainer schools are taking a new
Quantum kill
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: Most militaries are now focusing on hitting a target with a missile or autonomous weapon anywhere in the world in less than
Safeguarding frontiers
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: It has become a truism of military operations that static defences tend to induce a sense of complacency and false
True workhorse
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: After a smooth and majestic take off from the first launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC), the Indian spaceport
Kinetic spectrum
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: New generation radars and Electronic Warfare technologies are changing the face of the battlefield which will witness
Overcoming hazards
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: With all the weaponry arraigned against it including, amazingly, an anti-tank rifle it is a wonder that the
Rocky punch
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015: High mountain terrain is often inaccessible, uninhabitable or of no apparent value, yet peoples and states