September 25, 2017
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Careful planning
NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2015: Recent events need to be analyzed before deciding on how to modernize the Indian Special Forces.
Computing inputs
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015: Military strategists are unanimous in their view that network centric battlefield philosophy is the future
Particle war
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015: Nanotechnology promises to bring revolutionary changes in many areas, with the potential for great
Active defence
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015: India is increasingly being confronted by a two-front war situation compounded by a Fifth Column
Missing goal
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015: The saga of the Indian Armys acquisition programme for small arms and assault rifles is a scam wrapped
Eagle eye
JULY-AUGUST 2015: Living In the neighborhood  of nuclear weapon equipped  supersonic fighters  and cruise and ballistic missiles,
Robust shield
JULY-AUGUST 2015: Missiles in their surface-to-air configuration are dependent on their efficacy on range and a multi-layered nature of
Vigilant approach
JULY-AUGUST 2015: The Indian Armys Future-INfantry Soldier As System (F-INSAS) must conform to the Indian national nuclear doctrine of No First
Smart monitoring
JULY-AUGUST 2015: In a striking technological achievement, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), which has achieved the distinction
Unclear path
MAY-JUNE 2015: The saga of the indigenous creation of an ab initio propeller driven trainer aircraft and an initial jet trainer (IJT) aircraft for the Indian