September 25, 2017
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Constant vigil
MAY-JUNE 2015: Since Indian Ocean is being regularly visited by the navies of the world, Indian Navy has an onerous task at hand to keep a
Growing proximity
MAY-JUNE 2015: India has, finally, expressed its displeasure at the Sino-Pak Economic Corridor project intended to link the Pakistan
Force multiplier
MAR-APRIL 2015: India has planned for three-aircraft carrier task forces based on the logic of sea control of either seaboard with one held in reserve.
Silent hunter
MAR-APRIL 2015: The state of the submarine arm of the Indian Navy is dismal. With a high of 20 vessels in its inventory in the 80s when the threats to the Indian
Better calculation
MAR-APRIL 2015: In a major loss of face for the IAF headquarters, the Manohar Parrikar led Ministry of Defence has ordered Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd
Doubt persists
MAR-APR 2015: The recently concluded Aero India 2015 was a much bigger show as compared to last decade and with Indian Prime Narendra
Flying vessel
JAN-FEB 2015: Over the past two years or so the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard have been receiving two patrol vessels offshore and
Lethal shield
JAN-FEB 2015: The modernization of India’s tank fleet must begin with the upgradation of the long-delayed Arjun tank before
Integrated combat
JAN-FEB 2015: The statement made by the visionary US President Eisenhower was true then and it remains so today. Joint effectiveness
Free fall
JAN-FEB 2015: With the recent successful test of 1000 kg glide bomb guided to its target with great precision a multi-disciplinary