February 24, 2018
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Flying vessel
JAN-FEB 2015: Over the past two years or so the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard have been receiving two patrol vessels offshore and
Lethal shield
JAN-FEB 2015: The modernization of India’s tank fleet must begin with the upgradation of the long-delayed Arjun tank before
Integrated combat
JAN-FEB 2015: The statement made by the visionary US President Eisenhower was true then and it remains so today. Joint effectiveness
Free fall
JAN-FEB 2015: With the recent successful test of 1000 kg glide bomb guided to its target with great precision a multi-disciplinary
Quick interception
DECEMBER 2014: Since countries are focusing on hi tech bombers to evade air defence capabilities of the opponent, now there is a greater need
Hard negotiations
DECEMBER 2014: India is better prepared to deal with any Pakistan tank attack anywhere along its western front than it has ever been. The two major tank
Spirit of hope
DECEMBER 2014: Indian manufacturing industry, which has been in a moribund state for nearly a decade now, seems to be looking forward
Shadow soldiers
DECEMBER 2014: With significant changes in mission requirements spawned by advances in technology and the threat, the role of submarine remains
Creating deception
NOVEMBER 2014: Modern military forces cannot succeed in modern battlefield without the secure and unimpeded use of the electromagnetic
Bright avenues
NOVEMBER 2014: The successful insertion of India first interplanetary probe, Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) into its final orbit