May 27, 2017
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Combined approach
NOVEMBER 2014: Amphibious warfare is normally synonymous with a cooperative naval and army operation with the former providing
New hopes
OCTOBER 2014: The modernization of Indian Air Force requires billions of dollars of budgetary support, the lack of which restrains the
Underwater drones
OCTOBER 2014: These days there is an increasing interest in underwater surveillance systems both for military and non-military
Acute shortage
OCTOBER 2014: The Indian Air Force is, in the year 2014, in a state of gradual denudation of its fighter squadrons and rather laborious and
Unified action
OCTOBER 2014: Jointmanship of the armed forces was intended to ensure that there would be a commonality of equipment wherever
Precision fire
SEPTEMBER 2014: There are guns and there are guns. Depends on what one wants to shoot. If one wants to carry a gun for self-defence
Shared connectivity
SEPTEMBER 2014: For the Indian Army the benchmark for communications appears to have fixated to scenario of the terrorist attack
Missing target
SEPTEMBER 2014: If it were not for the tragic nature of the situation in which the Ordnance Factories Board and by extension the Artillery Regiment of the Indian Army find themselves it would be comic.
Smooth sailing
SEPTEMBER 2014: It is heartrending to see Indian Navy, which had earned for itself an enviable reputation of being forward looking-as seen in the
Lethal warriors
AUGUST 2014: Since the 21st century war largely depends on hyper mobility and lethal preemptive retaliation on enemy positions to score