February 24, 2018
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100 per cent FDI in defence is a welcome step
The BJP-led NDA government’s decision to hike the FDI limit in defence sector to 100 per cent is the most welcoming and a bold step. This was being hoped for a long time.
India is in the midst of a great change
The election results will certainly bring the much needed change millions of Indians are waiting with eagerness. But it may spell a disaster for the so-called UPA-II that is
Loot must stop at any cost
The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government at the center will lose the ensuing elections badly. This is no more a news, rather a long due information. But their past acts must be scrutinized without any delay.
Antony must face trial for negligence and corruption
After the initial investigation reports, it is now clear that the INS Sindhuratna incident was a criminal negligence which led to this disaster. Defence Minister A K Antony should directly be held responsible for this episode.
Role of Defence Minister in chopper scam needs to be probed
Like Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Defence Minister A K Antony is facing an acute image crisis as he does not enjoy any more that ‘honesty’ cover which can protect his portfolio. Probably, he has over used the ‘honesty’ brand to hide his weaknesses as scams have become rampant in the Defence Ministry. Recent startling revelations
Afghan crisis may wipe out India's strategic influence
The crisis in Afghanistan can hit hard if India fails to take timely steps to safeguard its long term national interests. Already, top and middle ranking global and regional powers have recalculated their possible strategy towards the war ravaged nation which can potentially disturb regional equations and security situation. Although Afghans are not new to war situations, the relative peace and stability the country has enjoyed for a decade could vanish once the coalition troops leave.
Internal challenges can grapple new Pakistan COAS
There was an element of surprise when Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hand-picked new Chief of Army Staff, ending months of speculation. Most observers in the region thought that a
BDCA: Can LAC really be tranquil?
The much publicized Border Defence Cooperation Agreement between India and China has drawn regional attention to a degree that one fails to understand the exact status of such a document. The BDCA which was signed during Indian Prime Minister’s China visit last month is being described as ‘historic’ by the Indian side.
India needs strategic planning to access military technology
Two recent events have thrown new possibilities that India can access cutting edge military technology to transform its national goal of setting up a credible military industrial complex for the technological needs of its armed forces. If all goes well then India will emerge as a medium sized defence manufacturing nation in future which
Sino-Indian relations heading for more complication
Recent reports of Chinese incursions into Indian Territory have hit headlines and political leaders have assured that they have taken care of India’s national security interests. But the Congress Party-led UPA government has admitted that there was a series of negligence by successive governments in the past which has hampered the prospects of creating strong border infrastructure to stop the Chinese advancement.