February 24, 2018
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UPA has downgraded India's comprehensive national power
A series of recent events suggest that India is fast losing its status of a rising power. This is due to courtesy UPA-II which came to power on the basis of its first tenure. Although it was a mistake to reelect such elements, the verdict of the people was taken for granted. Today, India is weak economically and militarily.
US rebalancing strategy may change equations
The new strategy adopted by US towards Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean region will change the global balance of power not just in few pockets but in a wider global spectrum. The hints are clear and the power play will be between US and China. Recently, US Defence Secretary said that the US military will devote more air power,
LAC will determine future of Sino-India relations
Till yesterday India and China were talking about forging a strategic partnership to garner a view about emerging Asian continent but in April they found themselves in eye ball to eye ball positions ready to confront each other. Earlier, even some cheer leaders from both sides had advocated that India and China should
Revelations about drone deal should alert India
The new revelation that US and Pakistan had a secret deal over drone strikes which were carried out inside Pakistani territory has created a new debate. But history is dotted with such deals all along, particularly in US-Pakistan relations. This is not a surprise to most Pakistani security establishment and military experts.
Increase cooling off period for retired brigade
The much talked about scam involving the VVIP chopper deal is slowly going to die a natural death, as it is the case with other scams in the past. This is nothing new in India. A corrupt country like India, probably the most corrupt in the global
LOC fiasco may be part of a grand design
As India and Pakistan are now trying to normalize their bilateral relations, it will not be business as usual for the Indian military which has been witnessing lot of activities along the Line of Control for several months. Now, politicians and bureaucrats of both sides are talking about the cost of tension which prevailed due
Walking over dangerous strategic mine fields
Both Japan and China are into a dangerous trade which can flare up to a full-fledged war if timely steps are not taken. The dispute over Senkaku (Japan) and Diaoyu (China) Islands could trigger another arms race in the region which may complicate the matter furthermore. Yet, both understand power play. While
China's map business and its implications
China depicted a controversial map in a manner that immediately alerted its neighbors who are into an adversarial relation with Beijing over territorial claims. It erupted as a major diplomatic backlash. But most
Complications staring at Indo-Russian arms ties
India and Russia are known to be tested Cold War era allies but that is no longer enough to sustain their relationship in an era which demands pragmatic approach to push forward national interests above
IAF Chief's remarks may reopen old wounds
Chief of Indian Air Force ACM N A K Browne’s recent statement in which he got nostalgic about 1962 has not been well received. Even some found it quite unnecessary as it is a dead past, rather a disastrous