August 15, 2022
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India needs to take advantage of 2+2 dialogue consensus
Ever since the United States brought out its revised national strategy, the Indo-Pacific region is gaining fresh momentum. 
Quad can alter geopolitics in Indo-Pacific region
The formation of quadrilateral axis among US, India, Japan and Australia may have rattled China briefly but the axis will take years before it could really be reckoned with. Before the Quad can be true a force multiplier
North Korea is playing a calculated game
The North Korean issue is fast snowballing into a major challenge to global security by the reclusive regime which is clamoring for war. Indeed, the war rhetoric suits Kim Jung Un’s regime more than Trump administration. This war hysteria although artificially created to meet the demands of some other powers is too helping Un’s government which is facing a bleak economic future. North Korea knows that Trump is a mere paper tiger and can do no harm to him as long he has the support of China – the key benefactor.
US-China relations facing new flashpoint
While United States, under the presidency of Donald Trump, is looking for revitalizing its prowess and attempting to regain lost glory, China is in a hurry to attain the new global
American withdrawal may change geopolitics
The US president elect Donald Trump is going to alter the geopolitics in near to medium term paving the way for China to grab the vacuum space. This was perhaps long due and change never waits
Victims of terrorism and geopolitics in South Asia
The entire region of South Asia and adjoining areas could soon witness their path to development may get overpowered by growth of terrorism. To tackle this is a huge
PCA verdict could be the beginning of change
The recent verdict given by the Permanent Court of Arbitration has changed the geopolitics in the entire Asia-Pacific region as well as the whole of Asian continent. The verdict may be a legal one but it has enormous political and strategic implications for global geopolitical order.
Geopolitical power play to upset present equation in Asia
The new equations which are emerging out of intense rivalry by global powers to redefine the current geopolitics in Asia can change the present order in the world as a whole.
Cost of fast changing geopolitics in MENA region
The much awaited geopolitical change in the entire Middle East and North African region could create a big hole in the foreign policy of many Asian and African nations who could
Afghan peace process can check growth of terrorism
For a change, Pakistan is taking a very bold step to host a quadrilateral meeting on Afghan peace process in February. Although similar initiatives have been going on for some time, each time the final result has set