June 26, 2022
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China makes great leap forward in global currency platter
With the decision of the International Monetary Fund to keep Chinese Yuan in its global reserve currency basket, China has made it to the top, finally. Indeed, joining an elite club of global
India should assess its strategy for UNSC seat
The talk of India being admitted into UN high table in near future is gaining momentum due to text based negotiation circular issued by the UN Headquarters recently.
Chinese market crash may affect Asia badly
Recent Chinese market crash can lead to a massive crisis as small economies will suffer badly. This is not to say that it will not affect big or medium sized economies but overall it will churn a new shadow about the prosperity of Asia. Indeed, Asia is the driver of world economy today.
Modi's one year is a great shift
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed one year in office. The prospect is far better than where Congress led UPA had left the establishment. Upon his completion of first
China's MSR may change balance of power
Chinese leaders are always ambitious and nourish deep thinking about their present and future actions when it comes to geopolitics. Being a good student of history, the Chinese
Geopolitics in Asia may change faster
As the new geo-political environment is unfolding , India and United States have declared that they are ready to play a bigger role in the Asian strategic landscape with a renewed vision to overcome a gap in the balance of power in the region.
India needs to conduct defence deals with Russia carefully
There is a change of geopolitical environment in the world. This will not only impact big powers but also aspiring powers who are seeking to play a greater role
'Make in India' may fail in defence sector
India's tryst with creating a robust military industrial complex (MIC) to become self-reliant in indigenous armament production may take decades to turn into a reality. Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi is looking into the core sector of defence production very differently. Perhaps he realized even before becoming the PM that great power preeminence for India will come at a cost. Unless India produces futuristic weapons and access state of the art technologies
India needs to maintain a strong balance among major powers
India is now in the midst of a major transformation which will determine its own future and the role it is likely to play in coming years at the global stage. The new NDA government which came to power four months ago has vigorously
Indo-Japan relations may change Asian geopolitics
The recent visit of Indian Prime Minister to Japan has created a new synergy in the relationship between the two countries but it has raised many eye brows in China which