June 26, 2022
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Complications staring at Indo-Russian arms ties
India and Russia are known to be tested Cold War era allies but that is no longer enough to sustain their relationship in an era which demands pragmatic approach to push forward national interests above
IAF Chief's remarks may reopen old wounds
Chief of Indian Air Force ACM N A K Browne’s recent statement in which he got nostalgic about 1962 has not been well received. Even some found it quite unnecessary as it is a dead past, rather a disastrous
Army must introspect within
The evolving geostrategic situations in the Asian landscape and internal changes within the Indian military echelon with the two top appointments are quite significant. Change is the order of the nature. It is good
Donor's Meet confused over Afghan future
Afghanistan needs money and resources to post growth which can ultimately ensure political freedom and stability. But the donors’ conference last month in Tokyo has brought out differences and created confusion
Recasting strategic balance in South Asia
The US and China are all set to fight it out in South Asia to achieve their larger goal of maintaining preeminence in Asian strategic landscape. But this is not going to be simple as they may have thought
Changing equations in Asian strategic landscape
The recently concluded Shangri-La Dialogue has raised a spectrum of signals that an imminent change of power equations is awaiting the Asian continent. The whole event started unfolding with US expressing
DEMILITARIZING SIACHEN: Right offer at a wrong time
Most Indian policy makers and strategists are surprised over the Pakistani offer to resolve Siachen triangle with urgency. This, if at all could be resolved, no doubt will change the hostile relationship between
The cost of victory and defeat
Whether the elephants make love or fight, it is the grass which suffers the most in either situation. Fighting elephants often destroy so much in the process they regret later that their daily fodder is lost.
MMRCA Fallout : Strategic ties suffer a drubbing
The laws of motion say every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this chain of action and reaction mode, under the current MMRCA negotiation scenario India’s strategic interests are suffering due to mishandling of the subject by top strategists in the government. Although the MMRCA deal has the potentiality of either propelling the Indian defence industry to a great height or can result
Iran war can salvage us preeminence
Iran-US relations could be the most unfathomable crust of the Persian Gulf, although the ocean floor is not so deep. Their love and hate, past and present, war and peace, are quite well documented in the history. American penchant for Iran goes back to the 50s. Then came the scary revolution. However, the 80s witnessed rapid