April 26, 2017
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Silent stay
JUNE 2013: The controversial incursion made by Chinese troops across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in to Indian territory in eastern Ladakh was only suspended last week of May but PLA troops will continue to stay near the border with India till end of September.
Effective shield
MAY 2013: In view of a dual front threat and increasing tension with China along the LAC, India is actively evaluating the prospect of buying Iron Dome shield to counter rockets, mortars and missiles for protecting vital military installations
Keeping a watch
APRIL 2013: India is all set to import sophisticated electronic warfare equipment and related platforms to enhance its existing surveillance capability after a task force report has found present system is totally ineffective and can hamper India’s operational preparedness to safeguard national interests.
Fill in air
MARCH 2013: After Indian Ministry of Defence selected EADS-made Airbus-330 multi-role tanker transport (MRTT) for multi-billion Dollar mid-air refueller deal few weeks ago, it appears the deal is going to face yet another complication over the L-1 status offered to Airbus Military.
Extra push
FEBRUARY 2013: There are reportedly hectic behind the scene efforts to make current Defence Secretary S K Sharma as next Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of the country – the watch dog body which has severely rattled the
Floating woes
JANUARY 2013: Although India is trying to acquire modern aerostat radars for detecting low flying aircraft, cruise missiles and UAVs, the whole deal has run into rough weather after law makers raise serious objections to buying it from Israeli manufacturer Rafael which did not give full support in an earlier contract.
Descending heights
DECEMBER 2012: After bribery allegations surfaced in VVIP chopper deal, Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is scared to take a bold decision and once again heading for the cancellation of 197 chopper deal after failing to forge a
Alternate option
NOVEMBER 2012: After facing the heat from Russia over the delay in frigates and aircraft carriers, India is now exploring alternate ways and means to bolster its naval strength and inch forward towards achieving a true blue water navy capability.
Confusing act
OCTOBER 2012: Polish government’s position on Armoured Recovery Vehicle deal is all set to complicate the matter beyond repair as Indian Ministry of Defence is quite confused over the purpose of writing such a letter through
Hanging on shoulder
SEPTEMBER 2012: India is all set to clear the much awaited Konkurs missile deal after Indian Army projected that it urgently needs more than 15,000 such missiles for its operational and training needs to meet emerging