May 19, 2022
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Descending heights
DECEMBER 2012: After bribery allegations surfaced in VVIP chopper deal, Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is scared to take a bold decision and once again heading for the cancellation of 197 chopper deal after failing to forge a
Alternate option
NOVEMBER 2012: After facing the heat from Russia over the delay in frigates and aircraft carriers, India is now exploring alternate ways and means to bolster its naval strength and inch forward towards achieving a true blue water navy capability.
Confusing act
OCTOBER 2012: Polish government’s position on Armoured Recovery Vehicle deal is all set to complicate the matter beyond repair as Indian Ministry of Defence is quite confused over the purpose of writing such a letter through
Hanging on shoulder
SEPTEMBER 2012: India is all set to clear the much awaited Konkurs missile deal after Indian Army projected that it urgently needs more than 15,000 such missiles for its operational and training needs to meet emerging
Rotten venture
AUGUST 2012: The privatization process involving Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is giving a strong headache to the government which is considering a proposal to make the whole process more attractive by elevating
Igniting kit
JULY 2012: Indian military is planning to buy thousands of ammunition fuze from Fuchs of South Africa after Ministry of Defence (MoD) overruled anonymous complaints regarding irregularity in the deal.
Tardy progress
JUNE 2012: The multi-billion dollar MMRCA deal is facing a new round of tests after Ministry of Finance (MoF) sent a word of caution last month to halt all big ticket defence deals for the time being and negotiations
War in blue-water
MAY 2012: The Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ministry of Finance (MoF) are into a full fledged battle over the selection of torpedo for India’s Scorpene submarine, contracted from France, which will arrive by 2015.
New hurdles
APRIL 2012: After the law makers raised objections to ongoing evaluations and negotiations, the multi billion dollar MMRCA deal has come under fresh scrutiny in which government insiders fear the whole process may lead
Losing monopoly
MARCH 2012: Come summer, the Russian arms conglomerate Rosoboronexport will lose its decade old status as sole arms import-export body of Russian state that sells all types of arms, from rifles to anti-satellite warfare platforms.